Festival 2022 AWARDS

The best short film award went to the Iranian film "SFUMATO" by Amirali Mirderikvand. This film tells the story of a young girl who faces many difficulties in pursuing her passion for motorbikes and simply having the right to use a two-wheeler. It is a sensitive, intelligent and very moving film.

The best feature film award went to the German film "972 BREAKDOWNS" by Daniel von Rüdiger. This documentary follows a group of students who, after graduating from art school, decide to go on a unique journey on Russian Ural sidecars before they start their working life. The unimaginable events that will happen to them during the two years of this adventure are formidably retranscribed in the film. It is an incredible human adventure. You must see this film, you will not believe it.

The audience prize was awarded to the french film "JOHANN ZARCO, l'audace d'un champion" by Bernard Fau. This documentary is an exceptional testimony on the French motorbike racing champion. Bernard Fau has a real talent for telling stories and no doubt a real talent for making people talk. This film allows us to enter, as rarely, into the intimacy of a high level pilot with all the introspections that are his, the doubts, the joys, the anguish and the unfailing determination that must be maintained to reach the ultimate goal: to be world champion. An exceptional film not to be missed.

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This is how was the 2nd edition of the festival in 2019.

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