1 map for 2

"1 Map for 2" is a documentary about Tartarini and Monetti's extraordinary motorcycle world tour in 1957. A journey across five continents, 35 countries and 4 revolutions. From Europe to the Middle East and the Far East, from the vast Australian deserts to New Zealand, from the Amazonian forests to the summits of the Andes and the African Sahara. A motorcycle round the world trip lasted a year, an incredible undertaking at the time. At the end of the trip, each of the travellers took different paths, but the friendship and the ongoing bond through this extraordinary experience remained strong. Two guys with two motorcycles, a 16mm camera and a pocket card share their story and their dream. Today, they are almost 80 years old and are once again riding the 2 legendary 175 cc Ducati motorcycles. It is a story of travel, friendship, memories, emotions and music. A travel philosophy and a way of life, where arrival is a secondary goal, a pretext.

Directors - Roberto Montanari & Danilo Caracciolo

Danilo Caracciolo & Roberto Montanari, authors and directors active in audiovisual productions since'90 and'80 respectively, met in 2005 during the production of the documentary "Lontano dagli Eroi, Vicino agli Uomini" (Far from the heroes, near the men). The works, carried out together, were compiled with "Lame, la porta della memoria" on the house DVD entitled "La Resistenza della Memoria", published by Ermitage Bologna (2006) and distributed in the main Italian libraries. Their author and director produced the documentary film "Piccolo Cane Nero" (Italy - Belgium 2007), on the history of "Maisones du Peuple" in Europe, which received the prizes for best screenplay and best direction at the Festival del Cinema Libero in Rome 2008, and the biographical documentary "Sergov" (Italy 2008) on the life and work of the painter Sergio Govoni, which received special mention from the jury at the Festival Collecchio Video Film 2008. Both works have been finalists at several Italian and international festivals. Then they produced "Caserma Rossa" (Italy 2009), on the forgotten history of the Nazi concentration field from Caserma Rossa to Bologna during the Second World War and the parallel investigation into the alleged presence of mass graves in the region. The work was a finalist in the Anteprima Doc section at the Bellaria Film Festival 2010. In 2012, they made "1 MAP for 2" the documentary on the two men who travelled around the world on motorcycles in 1957. The documentary was a great success in Italy and abroad, participating in the Motorcycle Film Festival in New York in 2014 and the Motorcycle Travel Film Festival in London in 2016. Their most recent work by Danilo Caracciolo and Roberto Montanari is "Giuseppe Dozza, the Mayor of All" screened in Italian cinemas in 2015.

Directors : Roberto Montanari & Danilo Caracciolo

Producer : Giusi Santoro

Category : Feature Film in Competition

Duration : 1h 11 minutes

Country : Italy