2018 Official Selection

of the French Riviera

Motorcycle Film Festival

Feature films in competition

  • Dirtbag II - The Return of the Rattler - USA
  • Dream Racer - Australia
  • Il Mago Mancini - Italy
  • The Art of Moto - USA
  • Why We Ride - USA

Short films in competition

  • 1971, Motorcycle Heart - France
  • Add some Oil - France
  • Black Lightning: The Rollie Free Story - USA
  • Boutonnière - USA
  • Dust - France
  • South of the Wall - Mexico
  • Sultans of Sprint - France
  • The Little Person Inside - United Kingdom
  • The Monkey and her driver - USA
  • Three Fishermen - Belgium

Out of Competition Movies

  • Be. Continental Circus - Belgium
  • I Fidanzati Della Morte - Italy
  • Once Upon a Time Continental Circus - France

All these films will be screened at the Festival from March 2nd to 4th, 2018

Movies Sorted by Duration



Director: Mehran Morad

Producer: Mehran Morad

Duration: 3 minutes

Country: France

A biker realizes that his motorcycle creaks as soon as his girlfriend rises as a passenger. They go to the repairman who, against all odds, discovers the unlikely cause of the noise.


Director: Sinuhe Xavier

Producers: Miguel Lerdo de Tejada, Stephen Smith

Duration: 4 minutes

Country: Mexico

A Mexican shows two Americans the secrets of the small roads of an unknown Mexico riding motorcycles. A melancholy walk in a Mexico rarely visited by tourists.


Director: Axel du Bus

Producer: Axel du Bus

Duration: 7 minutes

Country: Belgium

Three men fish at the edge of a river. When all of a sudden...



Against all odds, this is a movie about motorcycles.


Director: Fabrice Viguier

Producer: Dust Garage

Duration: 10 minutes

Country: France

A very neat graphic universe and an obvious aesthetic research. DUST is a film to contemplate more than to understand. It's all the spirit and religion of the bike. A very nice film, a little hypnotic.


Director: Tom Long

Producer: Ross Marcel Joseph

Duration: 11 minutes

Country: United Kingdom

A testimony of the courage and inner strength of the human soul. Talan was paralyzed in 2003 when a car swept him into the traffic. He was told he had just a 30% chance of survival and would never walk again. Today, he continues riding on a motorcycle and competing in one of the most dangerous sports on the planet.



Director: Benjamin Donadieu

Producer: Givetogod Prod

Duration: 12 minutes

Country: France

The Sprint Sultans challenge is to bring motorcycle fans from all over Europe together to run their custom sprint bikes powered by air-cooled twin-cylinders. Focusing not only on speed, performance and power, the Sultans of Sprint challenge will also reward contenders for their style, creativity and madness.



Director: Stéphanie VARELA

Producer: Vincent BRANÇON

Duration: 22 minutes

Country: France

July 1971: Christian Ravel, French driver, rising star of the motorcycle competition, goes to Belgium to participate in a Grand Prix. It breaks down near the artist studio of Niki de Saint Phalle. They spend a few hours together mixing their world, just the time of an enchanted interlude.



Director: Paolo Asuncion

Producer: Erik Pascual

Duration: 22 minutes

Country: USA

Some motorcycles are said to have a soul, but how does it acquire its spirit? The Handsome Asians Motorcycle Club takes us with humor in the making of their film and the tortuous journey of their biker & cinematographer minds. Nothing will be spared you and you will pass with this film from the most silly joke to the sweetest poetry.


Director: Ned Thanhouser

Producer: Ned Thanhouser

Duration: 23 minutes

Country: USA

Kendra and Betty are the only 100% female team of national sidecar racing in the USA. This 23-minute documentary features these two intrepid women who demonstrate exceptional determination and courage to defeat the mechanical demons of their machine during the 2015 racing season.


Director: Zach Siglow

Producer (s): Lenny Shabes, Louise Noeth

Duration: 35 minutes

Country: USA

This documentary follows the life of Rollie Free since his debut, through his years of racing in the 1920s and 30s as an Indian dealer, from his military service and his post-war life. He is best known for setting a mile-mile speed record in 1948 when he drove a Vincent HRD Black Lightning at a speed of 242 km / h on the "Salt Lake" of Bonneville, Utah, USA



Director: Marc Bruynbroek - Lautal

Producer: Paul Englebert

Duration: 52 minutes

Country: Belgium

Bernadette and Michel Ledermann, a couple and a sidecar crew on old motorcycle racing. They are beautiful to see and their passion is envy. A wonderful film in which the endearing personalities of Bernadette, Michel and their supporters are put forward.


Director: Paolo Asuncion

Producer: Frank Pascual, Erik Pascual, Luis Baptista

Duration: 58 minutes

Country: USA

Of course, you can build a chopper in a month and for less than a thousand dollars, if you are a little mechanic or a manufacturer. But what if you have no experience? After being spectators for years, these filmmakers strove to prove once and for all this affirmation, good or bad.


Director: Jeffrey Zani

Producer: Jeffrey Zani

Duration: 1h03

Country: Italy

The mechanic and coach Guido Mancini, who helped the debut of five of the most talented Italian motorcycle riders of the last 30 years, meets them again. Loris Capirossi, Valentino Rossi, Andrea Dovizioso, Franco Morbidelli and Romano Fenati, who represent the past, present and future of high-level motorcycle races in Italy come to talk with him.


Director: Mark Homan

Producer: Mark Homan

Duration: 1h30

Country: USA

THE ART OF MOTO is a documentary film that puts you in the helmet of a professional motocross rider. Fly through the air and tear up the earth with the fastest and most renowned riders in the sport. Discover how he started, evolved, and finally came to America. Roger DeCoster, Ricky Carmichael, Gary Jones, Ryan Dungey, Ashley Fiolek, Sara Price and many others are with you.


Director: Bryan H. Carroll

Producer (s): Bryan H. Carroll, James Walker

Duration: 1h30

Country: USA

"Why We Ride" is the story of who we are. People with the desire to dream, discover and explore. The dream of a child becomes reality, the return to the freedom of a pensioner. From a family that rolls together on the sand dunes, to hundreds of choppers that cross the canyons, the link is the same. This is the passion of the bikers and the soul of their machines.


Director: Romolo Marcellini

Producer: Sirio Film

Duration: 1h30

Country: Italy

Beautifully restored 1957 film whose plot takes place in the world of motorcycle. The naivety of the films of this period is touching and the amorous intrigues of the heroes are refreshing. The film sees the participation of some champions of the two wheels of the time: Pierre Monneret, Geoff Duke, Bill Lomas, Libero Liberati, Enrico Lorenzetti and some others.




Director: Simon Lee

Producer: Simon Lee

Duration: 1h33

Country: Australia

If you've ever wondered what it means to go out and live your dream, Dream Racer will give you the answer. For the first time in a feature film, Dream Racer shows the legendary Paris Dakar in its purest form - no sponsors, no multi-million dollar team, not even a mechanic - just a runner, a motorcycle, a filmmaker and the whole world.


Director: Bernard Fau

Producer: Strada Productions

Duration: 3 hours

Country: France

During 3 hours, this exceptional film makes us relive the golden age of the Grands Prix Moto of the 70s. We find the greatest French and foreign pilots. You will discover a story of men and passion. World championship races where the penniless private pilots fought like lions against the best factory pilots!