Jury of the Festival

President of the 2018 Jury

Freddie Spencer

Freddie Spencer has given us the immense honor of being the first President of the Jury of the French Riviera Motorcycle Film Festival.

American Grand Prix racer. Three-time World Champion. He is the last rider to win races in both the 250cc and 500cc categories in the same day, and to be crowned World Champion in both categories in the same season.

"It is with great honour and pleasure that I will be the president of the jury that will judge the films at the French Riviera Motorcycle Film Festival.

It is a honour because I feel our sport of motorcycling touches and inspires through visual and emotional ways in film and videos like no other.

As a kid the great movie "On any Sunday" touched me and inspired me to dream and achieve on the track and off. So it is with pleasure that I look forward to seeing the films that will inspire the next generation of motorcyclist. Freddie Spencer"

Members of the 2018 Jury

Eric Saul

Professional Grand Prix racer, founder of I.C.G.P.

Original member of the French generation of Grand Prix racers who shone brilliantly in the Continental Circus, Eric Saul is the founder and organizer of the famous International Classic Grand Prix (ICGP), whose aim is to bring together former world championship riders with their vintage machines, thus allowing the public to relive unforgettable moments from this magical era. An era in which the Grand Prix had starting grids counting up to 36 pilots in 6 different categories.

Festival du Film Moto de la Côte d'Azur, French Riviera Motorcycle Film Festival

Lydia Truglio Beaumont

Racer, Trainer & Journalist


Lydia really is a girl apart. She defines herself as Founder of the Mag'Motardes, a graduate educator, and a pluridisciplinary amateur rider. That's what she is and her excellent blog that highlights women in the world of motorcycle is really worth consulting. Still on the breach, she prepares for 2018 her participation in the next "Africa Eco Race" which will provide support to children's associations in Morocco, Mauritania and Senegal.

Didier Constant

Founder & Editor-in-Chief of the Canadian magazine "Motoplus.ca"

Created in March 2008, the online magazine "Motoplus.ca" is currently in  its tenth year of publication. As he writes after Sacha Guitry: "to please everyone, is to please no one, and it would be an insult if one sought everyone’s approval.” Didier understood this a long time ago. One touches people’s hearts when one stops trying to seduce at all costs. We will have the pleasure of having him as juror of our Festival since he will come from the “Belle Province” (Québec) especially for this event.

Gérard Delio (Photo Press)

Professional sports photographer


If there is a familiar name in the French motorcycle racing community, it is that of «Photo Press». Gérard Delio has been haunting the circuits since the 1970s. Today he still immortalizes riders in action. There is not a single racer who does not have a picture of him taken by Gerard. If you're looking for an archived photo, he’s your man. His seasoned photographer’s eye will be of great use in judging the graphic aspects of the proposed films.