Jury of the Festival

President of the 2020 Jury

© Philippe Matsas - Opale
© Philippe Matsas - Opale

"When I told my cats that I was invited by the French Riviera Motorcycle Film Festival, they hummed for me. But when I told them that I was honoured to be given the presidency, they rolled on the floor crying with laughter: "They are crazy! You drive like a dog," said one, "You can't even dismantle a gearbox," said the other. So what? If I rode in these conditions, it proves that anyone could have done the same. I meet dozens of boys and girls leaving, as I did. They live wonderful stories, they tell them, camera in hand. They share, one of the most beautiful words in our language, because it rhymes with travel. On hearing this, my cats went back to their baskets. And I'm happy because I'm going to meet you."

Anne-France Dautheville

Writer, journalist and biker

After obtaining her bachelor's degree and a degree in literature from the Sorbonne, she moved to a small flat in the centre of Paris, working in the advertising department of several companies such as Radio Luxembourg, J. Walter Thompson and Havas. Among several activities in her work as a designer-writer, she designs slogans for brands; she makes a good living and moves into an apartment with a garden in Boulogne. During May 68, because of the strikes that paralyzed the subway, she bought a Honda moped to join her boyfriend. With this new means of transport, she began to travel through France in a spirit of freedom. She resigned from her job in 1971. In L'Express, she notices a section advertising Raid Orion, the first motorcycle competition between Paris and Isfahan (Iran), organised by the European Raid Guild and the magazine Moto Revue. Only woman to apply out of 92 pilots, her application was finally rejected. A few days later, she came across one of the rally organisers by chance and was finally offered to participate. On 31 July 1972, she took part in the start by going down the Avenue des Champs-Élysées. Apart from the technical equipment, she has to finance her own journey. Arriving in Esfahan, she decided to continue the road, following a group of eleven bikers to Afghanistan and then Pakistan. On November 13, 1972, she returned to France. She went to her parents' country house to write her first book. Later, she discovered rumours that were circulating about her in the motorcycle world: she was a lesbian, a nymphomaniac and had finished the Raid in a truck. She then arrives furious at Champion's editorial office and declares to her editor in chief: "I'm going back alone! And I'm having a bailiff check it out! ». On a 100 cc Kawasaki, she circumnavigated the globe in 1973, passing through Canada, Alaska, Japan, India, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Iran, Turkey, Bulgaria, Yugoslavia, Hungary, Austria, Germany and France (which she recounts in her book "Et j'ai suivi le vent"). In 1975, on a BMW 750 cm3, she made a complete tour of Australia, making a detour to Alice Springs. In 1978, on a BMW 800 cm3, she made the trip from Cairns to Darwin, for the shooting of the film "Follow that girl! In 1981, on a Honda 250, it attacked Latin America this time. This is his last great journey leading to a book. Whenever possible, his adventures are broadcast on Nicolas Hulot's Loup-Garou show on France Inter. After her travels, she writes articles for Paris Match and Moto Revue to reimburse her expenses. In 2016, the Chloé couture house was inspired by Anne-France Dautheville for its autumn-winter collection. Fashion designer Clare Waight Keller says: "I discovered Anne-France while doing research on motocross for the collection. Among so many images of boys on motorcycles, this chic biker who alternated between leather clerks and long skirts challenged me. She perfectly embodied the Chloé woman, a mix of sweet femininity and a very cool "boyish" attitude. I found the same freedom of mind in his writing and then in her clichés.

(Source https://fr.wikipedia.org/wiki/Anne-France_Dautheville)

Members of the 2020 Jury

Pierre-William Glenn

Director of Photography & Director


Pierre-William Glenn is a French director of photography and director. Having started very early in the profession, he knows how to adapt to create diversified atmospheres for the benefit of many prestigious and varied directors such as François Truffaut and Jacques Rivette, the Americans Samuel Fuller and Joseph Losey and singular directors including Maurice Pialat and Claude Lelouch. He has worked successfully with French directors inspired by American cinema such as Bertrand Tavernier, Alain Corneau, Costa-Gavras, José Giovanni and Guillaume Nicloux. A prolific and innovative chief operator, he is renowned for his work at steadicam. All motorcyclists interested in speed racing in the 1970s know him, perhaps without knowing it, since he made the mythical film "Le Cheval de Fer".

Festival du Film Moto de la Côte d'Azur, French Riviera Motorcycle Film Festival

Marc Fontan

Professional pilot & trainer in motorcycle race riding school

Marc Fontan began his Grand Prix career in 1978 on Yamaha in 250 cc at the British Grand Prix, his only participation in the season. After a period of endurance racing, 1981 saw him move to the top category, the 500 cc class for 3 seasons, first on the bike designed by Claude Fior, then on Yamaha. His best year in Grand Prix was 1983 when he finished 6th at the 500 cc world championship. He scored 1 point at the 250 cc class  world championship and 119 points in the 500 cc class. In 1980, he won the Le Mans 24 Hours motorcycle race with Hervé Moineau and the same year the World Endurance Championship. In 1981 and 1982, he became French Superbike champion in the 500 cc category. He was associated with Guy Bertin and Dominique Sarron on an official Honda at Le Mans 24 hours in 1984, when a terrible accident at the Museum's bend (he went straight out and hit the protective wall on Saturday at the end of the day) ended his career. He now trains pilots in the FT Racing Academy, of which he is one of the founders.

Noémie Marmorat

Graphist Designer


Noémie Marmorat, 25 years old. She is a product designer and draftswoman in the world of motorcycles and cars. Passionate about drawing since she was a child, she studied applied arts to become a product designer. It was by becoming a designer that she became more interested in the world of automobiles and motorcycles. Pitted by the world of motorsport, she has been developing her drawing activity all over the world for a year now. She designed the poster for the 3rd edition of our Festival.


Festival du Film Moto de la Côte d'Azur, French Riviera Motorcycle Film Festival

Hervé Duffard

Professional pilot & trainer in motorcycle race riding school

Hervé Duffard started competing in 1977 with the Honda 125 challenge. He was then 16 years old. This was the beginning of a very atypical career as a rider, since he would go on to 750cc, then move down over the years and finish in 125cc. Just two years after the Honda Challenge, here he is on a Yamaha TZ OW31 to do the French 750 Championship with a podium in Albi and great places! In 1981 he participated in the French Open 500 championship in which he finished first national rider. In 1983, he went on to win the French championship in 1986 on a Honda RS 250, and in 1987, he made the big leap to the world championships in the 250 class and won the title of the best "rooky" of the year. After the 1988 season, he decided to go to 125cc, hoping to have more competitive equipment. His best result in 1989 was 15th at the Grand Prix de France. He finished his pilot career in 1990. He then worked as an instructor for several years in the "De Radiguès Rider School".