Quinze Mille Tours par Minute

In a countryside near the city of Tours, Yohann, a 26-year-old mechanic, designs and renovates old motorcycles and café-racer. Céline, his companion, takes care of the administration in parallel with her main job as a specialized educator. On weekends, it is on the racetracks that they meet, Yohann holds the title of vice-champion of France in side-car cross. Together, they give birth to a small world.

Director - Grégoire Darrasse

Born in Tours in 1982, Grégoire Darrasse will grant from his youngest age a particular importance for silver and then digital photography. Composer of electronic music for many years, it will finally be within a reflection on the aesthetics and construction of the cinematic image that he will pursue his professional career as first assistant operator then director of photography for 10 years. An opportunity to work alongside Jalil Lespert, Xabi Molia, Nils Tavernier, Jean Xavier Delestrade and Martin Provost. His ever-present photographic practice will lead him to the making of a first documentary film at the Ateliers Varan in 2016 entitled "En attendant l'été" (Waiting for Summer). A way of questioning the place of the human being in society. The notion of the body in movement, of the human margin and limits is at the heart of his concerns. At the end of 2016, he joins the Ideal Crash collective with de Frank Ternier and puts in image the short film "Animal Party". In parallel to his activities, he animates pedagogical workshops in film festivals. "Quinze mille tours par minute" is his first documentary, produced by La Boîte à Songes for television.

Director : Grégoire Darrasse

Producer : Fanny Chrétien

Category : Feature Film in Competition

Duration : 52 mn

Country : France