When plans fall apart, things start to get interesting... Welcome aboard the Ural 650! A side-car at the same time charming and moody that will take us around the world, from breakdown to breakdown! Anne, Efy, Elisabeth, Johannes and Kaupo have a plan. After finishing their art studies, they get their driving license and put their workshops on wheels. With old rusty sidecars, they will travel from Germany by land to New York City. Their journey through the East will satisfy their curiosity to discover the meaning of distance: Roads that disappear into the deserts ... Roads disappearing in the swamps... Disappear in rivers... until they reach the 80 kilometers of open sea separating Russia from Alaska: The Bering Strait. Endowed with exemplary naivety and perseverance, the five artists make their way through the most isolated corners of the world. Their unreliable motorcycles turn the road into a "theater of breakdowns", deciding where they will stop and whom they will meet. After 20,000 kilometers of breakdowns, all roads stop. The only way for them to get closer to the Bering Strait is to cross the Kolyma River. In order to go up this 1600 kilometers isolated river, the five artists build an amphibious motorcycle that will drive them closer to the Bering Strait . The production of the film uses the journey itself: 40,000 kilometers of raw footage made by analogical breakdown animations, and film music using the voices of worn-out motorcycles.

Director - Daniel von Rüdiger

Dr. Daniel von Rüdiger received his doctorate at the University of Arts in Linz on rhythm as a link between audio and video. The oscillation between composition and editing allows him to place audiovisual rhythm at the center of his work. His musical visualizations have been presented, for example, at the world exhibitions in Milan and Astana and were awarded the Viusal Music Award. Together with Stefan Carl he forms the 0101 group (www.0101.wtf). They fuse guitar loops and drums from field recordings at the Cinematic Anti-Western. They create film music and live audiovisual performances. As a filmmaker and photographer, Daniel von Rüdiger is engaged as a social documentary filmmaker for various NGOs. In Papua New Guinea, he directed the award-winning short documentary film "Kanu belong Keram" for the permanent exhibition of the Museum der Kulturen. In addition to teaching at universities in Germany and Switzerland, he lectures on rhythm and indigenous tribes in Papua New Guinea.

Director : Daniel von Rüdiger

Producer : leavinghomeproduktion

Category : Feature Film in Competition

Duration : 1h50

Country : Germany