Chasing the championship

Chrissy Rouse is a bike racer, podcast host and schoolteacher. In 2020 he had recovered from surgery to be racing again. Lockdown threw him a lifeline for his recovery. But it also cost him his team. This is the story of how he managed to compete.

Director - Dave Baum

Chasing The Championship is my first film, and was originally intended to be a short 5 minute piece, covering the events of one potentially pivotal race weekend on the British Superbikes Calendar. Best laid plans and all that, when a story started to emerge, that idea was out the window quite early on, and it turned into an 8 month (mostly enjoyable) slog. It was a very worthwhile slog I think.


The project first came about because I’d been in touch with Chrissy before, and I knew that he was going into his next race weekend with a chance to wrap up the title early. It had been an amazing season for him and It was bound to be an exciting and tense weekend. What better weekend to be there filming. We agreed that I’d go along with some kit, and work behind the scenes to capture some of what goes into a typical race meeting for a privateer team competing at the sharp end in the Stock 1000 class at BSB. Chrissy hadn’t crashed all season which is absolutely unheard of for any rider, at almost any level, and he was in a great position despite the teams limited resources.


He is also a well known character in the paddock, and not really your typical bike racer. He has a job away from racing, and runs a successful podcast with fellow bike racer Dominic Herbertson (Dom is a road racer and has featured in his own documentary in the past around the TT, where is a top ten rider). There were strict rules in place at the track when I arrived, both in terms of what you can and cannot film due to TV rights, and also the operations of the paddock under COVID guidelines. No spectators obviously. I was only to film in the team garages and trucks. When Chrissy’s weekend didn’t quite go to plan, the original plan changed. Various things came to light, and the team had been extremely generous with their time to me.


I couldn’t not commit to this, and of course had to go back for the last race, and in the meantime I had got hooked on a story that meant travelling up and down the country, unravelling some of the events that got him on the grid in the first place that season. And not to mention covering the final outcome.

Director: Dave Baum

Producer : Dave Baum & Andi Reiss

Category : Feature Film in Competition

Duration : 54 minutes

Country : UK