Chasing the championship

Chrissy Rouse is a bike racer, podcast host and schoolteacher. In 2020 he had recovered from surgery to be racing again. Lockdown threw him a lifeline for his recovery. But it also cost him his team. This is the story of how he managed to compete.

Director - Dave Baum

First time feature documentary filmmaker, with a background in editing short promos, using Premiere & After Effects.


As a fan of Chrissy's podcast, "Chasin' The Racin", I had got in touch with him in July of 2020 and offered to create an animated logo to introduce his videos, and that's how we began speaking. In October of 2020, while he was competing in the truncated and condensed National Superstock 1000 Championship, he had the opportunity to win the title with a round to go. We talked again and I suggested we make a short film about that weekend. So I went along with my camera kit and my naivety, and the project grew from there. What was originally going to be a 5-10 minute film of one weekend became a feature length film of his season; a unique season for both him and for the championship as a whole during the COVID pandemic.

Director: Dave Baum

Producer : Dave Baum & Andi Reiss

Category : Feature Film in Competition

Duration : 54 minutes

Country : UK