It is the story of people injured in accidents who did not give up and did not lose the meaning of life. They have proven that disability is not a vegetative state between four walls and that most restrictions are in the head, not in the body. This concerns all of us, because if an accident or sudden illness is not the end of the road, what really limits us? What is it that makes us give up our freedom to choose, to make decisions and to realize our dreams so easily? "That we can't, that it's too hard, too expensive, maybe in a few years?" Instead of living, we find other excuses until life passes and it is too late for everything. So let's look with admiration and respect at those who lack 30% of their body and take the trouble to enjoy the moment, to live here and now!

Directors - Jaroslaw Frankowski, Robert Czyzewicz & Sebastian Korczak

Sebastian "Sebo" Korczak, DOP, Producer - He spends his free time outdoors, recording time-lap sequences. A Renaissance man, but not an angel. Although his relationship to life is very distant, he gives the impression that he is flying somewhere above the clouds.
Robert "Torpedo" Czyzewicz, soundman, producer - Bus, sound, ideas and organizational helper. A typical person - his home where something is happening. When we wondered if we could make a film of the trip, he gave us everything in one hour: a car with all the film equipment and himself, ready to go.

Jaroslaw "Franek" Frankowski - biker, traveler, filmmaker. The creator of the idea of expedition with disabled bikers.

Directors : Jaroslaw Frankowski, Robert Czyzewicz & Sebastian Korczak

Producers : Jaroslaw Frankowski, Robert Czyzewicz & Sebastian Korczak

Category : Feature Film in Competition

Duration : 51 minutes 22'

Pays : Poland