Johann Zarco

L'audace d'un champion

In this new documentary, the central character is no longer a former rider but a current champion, Johann Zarco. Originally from Antibes, he is at 27 years old double Moto2 world champion (2015 and 2016) and runs this season at the highest world level, the MotoGP. Today, France can be proud to have an exceptional champion like him. He has achieved what I thought was the most difficult thing to do: winning brilliantly by repeating his class. That's when Johann showed that he could take it without losing any of his desire. That's the mark of champions. To reach this level, the passion for racing and the gift of a single man are no longer enough. Dealing with stress, training organization and media demand take too much energy. Thanks to Laurent Fellon, his mentor since he was 13 years old, he has been able to build his career around the values of loyalty, trust and a taste for work. The experience of this winning duo serves to shed light on what may have been missing for pilots of my time to achieve complete fulfillment in this sport. Other key people will be involved to complete the story of this young driver. I am thinking of Bruno Gillet, a journalist who experienced the end of the Continental Circus and the arrival of MotoGP, Hervé Poncharal, manager of Yamaha Tech 3, Guy Coulon, Johann's technical manager in the team, and Laurent Fellon. All of them dreamed of following the paths of the "French generation", from the Sarron, Pons, Rougerie, Fernandez, Baldé, Bertin and even myself. Today it is Johann who makes dream, from the kids of his riding school, the ZF Racing school (Zarco-Fellon) to the seniors of which I am a part. I am still learning about racing and looking back at my past with his experience. He makes me dream again like the legends of the Continental did in their time. He is the current figure of a passion that continues through the generations, with the desire to pass it on. Count on my images to share it with you.

Director - Bernard Fau

A former world speed championship rider in the days of the Continental Circus, Bernard Fau has never been able to leave the circuits. And while he hasn't completely hung up his boots, he now more often wears the costume of producer/director. The motorcycle is still his reason for living. That's why he still travels the world in the classic championship (ICGP) and motorcycles are at the heart of his films.

Director : Bernard Fau

Producer : Strada Productions

Category : Feature Film in Competition

Duration : 1h55

Country : France