One more time

The Borri brothers are two old hands who have spent their lives competing in motorcycling, winning numerous races and championships. In the world of racing competition, they are known and respected by everyone. In 2018, following their lifelong dream, they are finally participating in what they define as "the last adventure": flying to America to try to break the world speed record with a 50cc motorcycle, with a bike they built themselves. It's not an easy game to play, but at the end of the day, what really counts is continuing to pursue a dream despite your age. That's what really makes you alive.

Director - Tommaso Montaldo

A lover of cinéma-vérité he has always wanted to make his work a way to experience life. He is convinced that the most incredible stories reside in the people around us, the camera gives access to these stories. To be able to enter the story he tells, his works are often experienced as the only component of his crew, this is the case also for his first feature film “One more time”, a completely self-produced documentary.

Director : Tommaso Montaldo

Producer : Tommaso Montaldo

Category : Feature Film in competition

Duration : 1h 1 minutes

Country : Italy