Passeport Pour La Liberté

This documentary film introduces us to a young man (Maxime) who has just obtained his motorcycle driving license. He tells how the desire to practice motorcycle riding was forged. His career, his influences, his choice of machine, what he dreams to do with it ... From the purchase of his motorcycle to his first trip with his lover, the film is punctuated with images of motorcycles in beautiful settings.

Director - Dominique Peltier

A press motorcyclist for more than 10 years in the Paris region, he took the plunge in 1999 to become a motorcycle testing journalist. The magazine press opens a new door for him: cars, then travel and the world of wine... Armed with his camera and his travel notebook, he travels the world for life-style magazines. In 2013, he makes a small video (motorcycle) without any interest with an iPhone 4, but the damage was done! He discovers with the eyes of a child a universe that he had always dreamed of, but that he thought untouchable. After more than 250 videos, he dares to make a short documentary: Passport to Freedom.

Director : Dominique Peltier

Producer : Dominique Peltier

Category : Short Film in Competition

Duration : 16 minutes

Country : France