Ray Tauscher

America's Forgotten World Champion Motorcycle Racer

In 1931, Portland, Oregon born Raymond Tauscher won four international motorcycle racing titles in a 12-month period. His achievements in the field of racing and contributions to the sport have been forgotten. This 17-minute film recounts his life story utilizing recently discovered scrapbooks, photo albums, and period film footage of his races.

Director - Ned Thanhouser

Ned Thanhouser is an award-winning documentary filmmaker based in Portland, Oregon. He has produced feature and short subject films that deal with early cinema history, World War II aircraft, race cars and their drivers, and motorcyclists. He is a film historian and avid motorcyclist who loves to tell a good story, especially with his youngest son, Michael, who collaborated with him on this project.

Director : Ned Thanhouser

Producer : Ned & Michael Thanhouser

Category : Short Film in Competition

Duration : 16 minutes 42'

Country : USA