Stunt Memories

"Stunt Memories, alors c'était mieux avant?" is a report devoted to the history of this discipline as told by the pilots, mixing interviews and extracts from training sessions, competitions and demonstrations. This report on stunt riding gives an overview of the discipline in France. The pilots tell us about the evolution of the last 15 years.

Director - Elodie Devaye

Photographer, director in motorsports, she has been immortalizing motorcycle acrobatics for 10 years. Discipline known as "stunt". It is during her adolescence, thanks to a friend who left too early and who was a fan of this discipline, that this discipline was offered to her. She discovered her passion to showcase, first in photography, the technical and artistic prowess of the pilots. Then, the desire to know their respective backgrounds, to share their experiences and to perpetuate the history of the stunt thanks to their precious testimonials became obvious.

Director : Elodie Devaye

Producer : Elodie Devaye

Category : Short Film in Competition

Duration : 14 minutes 44

Country : France