When The Road Ends

As a child, Dylan grew up in poverty and dreamed of riding around the world on a motorcycle. Many years later, he broke the shackles of a normal life and hit the road. After covering 200,000 km across four continents, the road from Panama to Colombia ends, swallowed up by impenetrable jungle. Dylan has no choice but to take to the sea, building a raft powered by his motorcycle engine in the hope of reaching the Colombian road network 700 km away. He must brave strong ocean currents and storm surges on his journey from Central America to South America.

Director - Dylan Wickrama

When you translate Wickrama into English, it literally means "Adventure" and with that it all comes down to the man and his passion! Born and raised in Sri Lanka, he later emigrated to Switzerland. Trained as an automotive mechanic, Dylan ran his own business in the same field before making the decision to sell his company and travel. In 2010, he began his epic journey "Around The World 360" by getting on his beloved motorcycle named Bruce and headed to the horizon in search of new adventures. Dylan is a tireless optimist and full of creativity, which has helped him solve problems ingeniously. "When roads ends" is a project that began when life challenged him. A solo trip on a raft on the Pacific Ocean not only tested his luck and skills, but also gave him the opportunity to become a director.

Director : Dylan Wickrama

Producer : Dylan Wickrama

Category : Feature Film in Competition

Duration : 1h33

Country : Switzerland