A thousand miles behind

A grieving man takes a solo journey through California after a motorcycle has been mysteriously dropped on his doorstep, but will this lonely road lead him to salvation? "A Thousand Miles Behind" is intended to exist as a kind of meditation and to function as an extended hand to anyone suffering from sudden loss or grief of any kind. It is intended to act as a means of connection and send a strong and clear message that you are not alone in the difficult times you are going through. Keep fighting. Keep fighting. Keep fighting. Just keep fighting. Keep moving forward in every possible way, every day.

Director - Nathan Wetherington

Nathan Wetherington began his professional career as an actor in New York in 1997 when he was chosen for the role of Blue Man. He moved to Los Angeles in 2001 in search of new opportunities in the film and television industry. In 2003, after writing a play about a young musician (Heartbreaker: A Play in Two Acts), he began writing and recording his own music that he intended to use for a first production of the play. Meanwhile, he began frequenting small music halls and cafés around Los Angeles when he met singer-songwriter Sierra Swan at the Hotel Cafe in Hollywood and volunteered to play drums for her. By accepting his offer, Nathan finally recorded most of the drum parts for his next album, Ladyland. He also ended up working with the famous music producer Linda Perry. Nathan quickly became Linda's drummer, spending nearly a decade writing and recording with many of the biggest names in pop music. Tired of the music industry, Nathan left Hollywood for nearly five years. Feeling very dissatisfied in the American business world, he decided it was time to refocus on the arts. He returned to Los Angeles at the end of 2016 and devoted himself to directing his first feature film as a writer, director and producer. After completing the production of the film, he had the opportunity to audition again as an actor for the recurring role of Mike Ardoin in Season 3 of HBO's hit True Detective series, a role he then regularly took up again. Nathan is currently working on his first novel and his next feature film.

Director : Nathan Wetherington

Producer : Nathan Wetherington

Category : Feature Film in Competition

Duration : 1h 20 minutes

Country : USA