Olivier Wagner

President et Founder of the "French Riviera Motorcycle Film Festival"

A Festival to celebrate two passions, motorcycles and cinema

Motorcycles and cinema are my two true passions. I like to ride a motorcycle on a track, as much as I derive pleasure in making movies. I like to take, edit and mount images. I am a story-teller. It's a passion that has consumed me for a long time. As a teenager, I spent most of my time playing with a Super 8 camera. Then, in 1977 and 1979, I tried my luck as a motorcycle racer on a Honda CB125 S3 in the Honda France Challenge. It was a good time. The time of my youth. The time of freedom and carelessness. As life went on, I put my passions aside for a moment, like many of us do. I had children, I worked... And one day they caught up with me, stronger than before. I rebuilt an old S3 and raced again with my old-time friends.  But, most importantly, I bought a new digital movie camera and I started telling stories again. Motorcycle stories, of course.

Motorcycles are a powerful vector of freedom, whether it's adventure, off-road riding, road racing or vintage bikes. My goal with this festival is to share my passion by featuring the work of amateur and professional filmmakers from all continents. Every day, in all countries around the world, filmmakers who are motorcycle enthusiasts, invent and produce breathtaking documentaries, fictional pieces, short films or feature films that do not have the chance, or the means, to be broadcast to a wide audience.

From February 18 to February 20, 2022, I invite you, along with the entire Festival team, to watch a selection of films about the motorcycle from around the world, during the 4th edition of the "French Riviera Motorcycle Film Festival".


The Festival Spirit

The Festival spirit is the same as biker spirit. It’s based on fraternity, community of mind and the desire to share one’s passions. During the festival, you will witness extraordinary cinematographic achievements in a field that is dear to you. But you will mostly meet filmmakers with whom you will be able to interact. As a director, I have already participated in several festivals, but what interests me the most are not the rewards (that I did not get - hahaha) but rather, the opportunity to speak about passion and technique, both in the field of motorcycle and cinema. The French Riviera Motorcycle Film Festival was originally conceived with this desire. After each screening, question and answer sessions with actors and / or directors are planned.


You will also have the privilege to meet personalities from the motorcycling world who will be our guests. Moreover, you will be able to interact and with them as you have never done before.


At the end of the screening days, the jury and the public will vote to elect the best films in 3 categories:

  • Best Feature Film
  • Best Short Film
  • Audience Award

This selection can be extended to other categories (best documentary, best fiction, best animated film, etc.) depending on the number of films received. All movie themes are acceptable provided they speak about and deal with motorcycling.



Are you an amateur or professional filmmaker ?

If you want to submit your film, whether it be a fiction, a "road movie", a documentary about road racing, motocross or any production dealing with the motorcycle and motorcycle riding, your film will be welcome and could be selected to participate in the Festival. Please note that your registration does not necessarily imply that your film will be chosen by the selection committee for the final vote and public screenings.