Dakar - Le film

A kind of mini Dakar! But the old-fashioned way, without assistance, all to the rescue and resourcefulness. Or Nice/Abidjan, the ancestor of the Dakar. Of course, I am too young to have known this beautiful time, but it is like Jesus, I have heard about it. All you have to do is find out, read the sacred texts! This Transalp story brought back memories in me. Last January 1st, at 7am, on the edge of the national road 20 near Orléans (camera in hand, pictures I still have) to see the caravan of bikers passing through in the cold running south. It seems that some of them were sneaking into vans to avoid this ordeal. The Dakar, the real Dakar, the one of the guys, shaped my childhood dreams but in the lobe of the impossible. You know what? I'll tell you what. I can even tell you what I was doing the day Thierry Sabine died!

Director - Laurent Cochet

In 1992, Laurent Cochet graduated with a master's degree in Applied Foreign Languages and joined a weekly motorcycle magazine as an intern. The following year, he was entrusted with the processing of the Grand Prix. In 2007, he offered his employer a WebTV. In the motorcycle sector, no one has yet dared to launch into the exploitation of this new medium with such ambition. Its WebTV is growing rapidly, reaching 33 million views in 2012. In turn scriptwriter, author, director, journalist, voice-over, broadcaster and even sometimes cameraman, he produces more than 250 videos that will also be shown on television in the V6 show on ABMoteur.

Director : Laurent Cochet

Producer :  Laurent Cochet

Category : Feature Film Outside Competition

Duration  : 1h 22 minutes

Country : France