I hate ladies

Kampala, the capital of Uganda, is full of "boda bodas" - motorcycle taxis that take their name from the motorcycles that carried people across the border between Uganda and Kenya, from "border to border". The number of boda boda boda drivers in Kampala is estimated at 200,000, including only one woman: Naume Awero. In I HATE LADIES, we follow Naume and see how his attitude towards women has been influenced by his past and by his daily life in a male-dominated world.

Directors - Vanja Lamm, Agnes Wentzel Blank et Sofia Wikelid

The three directors grew up in Stockholm and Gothenburg and met at a documentary film school in Stockholm (Röda korset - Dokumentär i världen.) They quickly became good friends and shot short scenes together in autumn 2016. In the spring of 2017, the whole film school was going to Uganda and Vanja Lamm, Agnes Wentzel Blank and Sofia Wikelid really wanted to do something together. When they met the interesting character Naume, they had the impression that they really had to make this documentary.

Directors : Sofia Wikelid, Vanja Lamm & Agnes Wentzel Blank

Producers : Sofia Wikelid, Vanja Lamm & Agnes Wentzel Blank

Category : Short Film in Competition

Duration : 10 minutes

Country : Sweden