Le cheval de fer

(The Iron Horse)

"Le Cheval de Fer" recounts the "fantastic ride" in 1974 of the best riders across Europe in the 12 Grand Prix that make up the Continental Circus World Motorcycle Speed Championship.  With Patrick PONS, Michel ROUGERIE, René GUILI, Bernard FAU, Phil READ, Giacomo AGOSTINI and the others... a time when champions would come out of work to shine on the incredibly dangerous Continental Circus weekend circuits. A cult film that you must absolutely see on the big screen at least once in your biker's life.

Director - Pierre-William Glenn

Pierre-William Glenn is a French director of photography and director. Having started very early in the profession, he knows how to adapt to create diversified atmospheres for the benefit of many prestigious and varied directors such as François Truffaut and Jacques Rivette, the Americans Samuel Fuller and Joseph Losey and singular directors including Maurice Pialat and Claude Lelouch. He has worked successfully with French directors inspired by American cinema such as Bertrand Tavernier, Alain Corneau, Costa-Gavras, José Giovanni and Guillaume Nicloux. A prolific and innovative chief operator, he is renowned for his work at steadicam.

Director : Pierre-William Glenn 

Producer : Les Films du Phoenix

Category : Feature Film Outside Competition

Duration : 1 h 47 mn

Country : France