Engine noises, comments on the speaker, clatter of parts changed at full speed by a swarm of mechanics ... What strikes at first in this film with its sound titles (but also potentially military) is the subtlety of its mix which, despite the feeling of immersion due to the surround, never lets the volume of the motors of the Belgian motorcycle circuit of Spa-Francorpchamps crush the other sounds. Such a choice is worth for program: left to follow a race, one retains only snatches from the margins, either on the edge of the circuit or behind the scenes where women and children, rustling with different languages, share sandwiches with runners sometimes exhausted. The speaker of the circuit pronounces the word "procedure", but the good-natured atmosphere contradicts this term. What we obviously want to look for here is a simple sharing, a surpassing of oneself rather than the other, erasing the competitive principle for a joy that recalls the Berliners' Weekends of Men on Sundays. from Robert Siodmak. Under the helmets, the age of the captains informs us that these races, although serious, are not professional. The cold beauty of the places once emptied shows that the busyness was a parenthesis: no trace of the winner, everyone is returned to civilian life, the remaining decibels are those of the cleaning truck. (Charlotte Garson) - (Source "Cinéma du Réel)

The Director - Lucile Chaufour

After studying at the Decorative Arts of Paris and in several music schools, Lucile Chaufour plays in many groups including Primitiv Combo, Duck & Cover, Trottel, Sayag Jazz Machine ... She also works as a writer for the Casterman editions.

In 2008, her first short film "L'Amertume du chocolat" was selected by ACID at the Cannes Film Festival. The following year, his first feature film "Violent Days", Grand Prix of the French feature film at the EntreVues Belfort festival, was released in theaters. In 2012, her first documentary, "East Punk Memories", received the Youth Award at the Cinéma du Réel. In 2014, her second short film "Leone, Mère & Fils" receives the Grand Prix VyG Competition at BAFICI. In 2015, she and Bernhard Braunstein co-produced the experimental films Blues and Sleeping image presented in installation at FID Marseille. In 2017, "115 DB" is in selection at the Cinéma du Réel. She is currently finalizing the editing of the movie "About Love & Sidecars".

Director : Lucile Chaufour

Producer : SupersonicGlide

Category : Short Film in Competition

Length : 40 mn

Country : France