Be. Continental Circus

Bernadette and Michel Ledermann, a couple and a sidecar crew on old motorcycle racing. They are beautiful to see and their passion is envy. A wonderful film in which the endearing personalities of Bernadette, Michel and their supporters are put forward.

The Director - Marc Bruynbroek - Lautal

After many years in the fields of animation (1973-1983) and the production of commercials (1983-1997), Marc Bruynbroek-Lautal has been making his own films since 1997. Author and director of many short films of fiction and documentaries, he has been interested since 2005 in "Belgium-en-Bas" (to paraphrase Jean-Pierre Raffarin, a former french minister).

Director : Marc Bruynbroek - Lautal

Producer : Paul Englebert

Category : Film Outside Competition

Length : 52 minutes

Country : Belgium

A Very Special Night - Friday february 15th, 2019

At the first edition of the Festival, the film "Be Continental Circus" has already been screened. The star couple of this film, Bernadette and Michel Ledermann were to be present. A few weeks before the festival, Michel contacted us to tell us that he would probably come alone because Bernadette was ill and her health would probably not allow her to support the trip. A few days later, Michel told us that Bernadette's health had deteriorated further and required to stay with her. On June 6, 2018, we heard the sad news of Bernadette's death.


So we decided to pay tribute to Bernadette by re-screening the film "Be. Continental Circus". Michel Ledermann will be very pleased to be present with Paul Englebert, producer of the film, to evoke the memory of Bernadette and tell us about their passion for sidecar. This evening dedicated to Bernadette will undoubtedly be an emotional evening but will also be a festive evening.