J'ai tout quitté pour un Roadtrip

All passionate people know how hard it is to cope when a deep crisis of their own passion occurs. That's what happened to me when I was fired in January 2016 for economic reasons. I'm not going to lie to you, working in the world of musical instruments is rather nice, but this sector (like many others) has been suffering in silence for several years because of the internet and a lack of interest in family "guitar, bass, drums" for more DJ oriented machines. Music has always been my future and my guiding line, but one day a situation escapes me and I find myself there, alone in the face of my shaken beliefs and an uncertain future.

Le Réalisateur - Ben Blake

Born in July 1984, I grew up in a country environment surrounded by wheat fields and old houses in the heart of Alsace. Like most kids of my age, I spent my weekends building huts with my friends while discovering the pleasures of living next to the forest. My childhood was peaceful until I entered CM2 or I would meet an abusive teacher who will make me reject any form of school authority. During my high school years "pro" in the Vaucluse, my parents bought me in 2000 a used Yamaha TZR 50cc that will allow me to know independence and freedom for the first time in my life. I would take the opportunity to make my first roadtrip of 400 kilometers at just 17 years from Avignon to the city of Saint-Jean-de-Maurienne in Savoie. In parallel, I took a crazy passion for the guitar to do my job for a good decade. Only here, in January 2016 economic redundancy and the beginning of a certain lassitude that will resound, I decided to take refuge with my father in the south. During this period I find something that I would never have suspected: the passion of the bike. Without "job" but full of dreams I decided then to pass my license in a few days and to conquer the roads of France back and forth over a period of one year on almost 20000 km. When I returned, the urge was obvious: I was going to make my place in this environment. Yes but how? Without money but with a correct smartphone and good pencil, I decided to write and film more than a roadtrip: the story of a change of life, a love story for the bike.

Director : Ben Blake

Producer : Ben Blake

Short Film in Competition

Length : 17 minutes

Country : France