a story of men and fast motorcycles

There was an era when, in motor-sport, David could still beat Goliath. No matter how big and powerful the motorcycle companies competing in the World Championship were, there still was the chance that a small team could build a bike and beat them. That's the case of the Italian Giancarlo Morbidelli. Born in Pesaro, Italy, in 1934, he founded his wood machine company during the Fifties. His business grew progressively year after year, until, in the late Sixties, he decided to extend his challenges to motorcycle racing. After participating in the Italian Championship and finishing with good results, Morbidelli decided to enter the World Championship in 1969. Three years later his team was in contention for the title, when the ranking leader Gilberto Parlotti died during the most dangerous race ever: the Tourist Trophy of the Isle of Man, England. After the tragic event, Morbidelli thought about giving up, but everybody around him suggested that he continue. He took the advice, and in 1975 won the first of four consecutive world championships. Even to this day, Morbidelli is recognized as one of the world’s best motorcycle builders and innovators. 

Forty years later, Morbidelli's story is told by him, his riders, and mechanics. Thanks to footage from the era, photos and interviews, a complete reconstruction of his 13 years of races is now available with this documentary, that doesn't focus on the results, but on the feelings, efforts and struggles of the team.

The Director - Jeffrey Zani

Jeffrey Zani is a freelance journalist and documentary filmmaker. His articles and photos have been published in the magazines Cafè Racer (USA); Canadian Biker Magazine (CAN); Italian Motor Magazine (UK); Esses (UK); Benzina (UK); Retro & Classic Bike Enthusiast (AUS); Motociclismo d’Epoca (ITA); Cafè Racer Italia (ITA); (ITA); Riders (ITA). He has co-directed and produced two documentaries: Scuderia Filibusta (2012) and Morbidelli - storie di uomini e di moto veloci (2014).

Director : Jeffrey Zani, Matthew Gonzales 

Producer : Jeffrey Zani

Category : Feature Film in Competition

Length : 1h23

Country : Italy