Récits d'un Voyageur Heureux

(Stories of a Happy Traveler)

When people ask me what's this movie about, I'm used to say: motorbike travel. But in reality, it's way more than that! For the past 5 years, I’ve been leaving my life here for long trips across North America, Eurasia, and South America, on a van, on foot, on a motorcycle, alone or accompanied. I like to travel with little, in more or less isolated countries with everything I need to spend beautiful nights in the heart of nature! Those trips taught me to find solutions, to smile, to speak Russian, English or Spanish. And with my words, I try to share with you what’s adventurer life taught me. I realized this movie for my friends, my family, for you with the desire of sharing a philosophy and a positive vision of the world. I did this movie entirely by myself, without experience, like I did when I started my first trip without real motorcycle experience. I put a lot of emotions there and I hope that you will have the pleasure to live them!

Director - Bapstiste Regne

I am a simple traveler. I regularly leave my life to go on trips for several months. I like simple things and I had no experience before my first trips.

After exploring Europe, I went to North America, five months in a van with friends. Then I passed my motorcycle license with the intention of leaving somewhere. And that’s how I arrived in Mongolia, after more than 4 months solo trip through Eurasia. My goal was to offer my bike! Since I spent 8 months traveling in South America on a motorcycle with a friend. Before the beginning of these adventures. I had never traveled alone. I did not speak English, Russian or Spanish. I had never been riding a motorbike. I learned all these things in travel and that’s all I like to share with you.

Director : Baptiste Regne

Producer : Baptiste Regne

Category : Feature Film in Competition

Duration: 53 minutes

Country : France