The Unknown Racer

The "RedBull Knock Out" is one of the most challenging beach enduro races in the world. Since 2006, it has been held in Scheveningen, the Netherlands, and attracts more than 1,000 riders every year. The first time a Russian pilot decided to participate in this legendary event was in 2018. He's not a professional pilot, but he has a real passion for him. In this film, we look at his motivations and the dreams that led him to the RedBull Knock Out.

Director - Danya Razuvaev

Danya Razuvaev was born in 1988 in Leningrad, Russia. He studied sound design in St. Petersburg, then moved to Moscow in 2009 and studied directing at VGIK University for five years. After graduation, he worked as first assistant director in one of Russia's oldest film studios, Lenfilm. In 2015, he became director of the video department at the Wargaming studio in St. Petersburg, where he produced documentary series on the legendary naval fortresses and warships of the Second World War. Since 2017, Danya Razuvaev has been directing commercials and independent films.

Director : Danya Razuvaev

Producer : Danya Razuvaev

Category : Short Film in competition

Duration : 8 minutes 35

Country : Russia